What we need...

  1. Sample Rate of: 44.1khz or 48khz

  2. Bit Rate: 16 or 24bit 

  3. The file format is .WAV 

  4. Audio file stems correctly labelled.

  5. Each audio stem has to start from the same position.

  6. Maximum of -6db headroom on each audio stem.

  7. Don’t use a compressor, limiter or maximiser on your master output when exporting stems.

  8. Don't Dither or Normalise the audio.

  9. Slight Silence at the front and end of the track file.

  10. Please provide a reference track you would like it to sound similar to, Doesn't have to be your own.


Upload Audio...


For Google Drive uploads please ensure sharing is enabled.

Please ensure you upload the correct audio files, As once the order has been placed. we cannot refund ​any that have been mastered. 

Success! Files received. Please continue to payment...