Analogue & Digital Hybrid Mastering Service Prices:

All Masters will be ran through our analogue and digital signal paths to ensure your final product will have that warmth and punch it deserves. 

As standard all audio files will be returned in a Stereo 24bit 44.1khz Hi-Res .Wav Format.


Stereo Master - £30

Up to 5 Stems - £125

Up to 10 Stems - £150

Up to 16 Stems - £175

Over 24 Stems - £200

Analogue & Digital Hybrid Mixdown & Mastering Service Prices:

All mixdowns will be summed through our Solid State Logic analogue hardware mixer with Ferrofish D/A conversion and captured with the best Prism audio A/D conversion before the Mastering Process.


Would you like to learn how to produce, mix and/or master your own music? if so.. 

We offer various levels of production tuition from beginner to advanced, 

1-2-1 and group sessions with our instructors on various DAWs such as Ableton Live 10, ​Logic Pro X and

 Cubase (with a Steinberg certified trainer)

Due to Covid-19 online video

mentoring sessions only.

From £50 Per Hour

Production Lessons

Audio Engineering

Per Day / Track £300

We offer our experience from audio engineers to writing to help you with any unfinished projects or maybe you have some great ideas just sat on your hard drive and you cant quite get them to that final stage.

We advise being in the studio when we engineer your track with you, but its not 100% 

necessary as we will happily work remotely over the internet using a Skype or similar.

As this can be so bespoke 

please contact us to chat

about your audio needs.

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