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Express 24 Hours will guarentee the master is done in one working day (orders must be Friday at the latest for Monday)


All Masters will be ran through our analogue and digital signal paths to ensure your final product will have that warmth and punch it deserves. 

As standard all audio files will be returned in a Stereo 16 44.1khz Hi-Res .Wav Format.

EXPRESS (24) Single Stereo Master

    • Sample Rate of: 44.1khz or 48khz

    • Bit Rate: 16 or 24bit 

    • The file format is .WAV 

    • The track/s are correctly labelled with the title and artist/s.

    • Slight Silence at the front and end of the track file.

    • Maximum of -6db headroom on the audio file.

    • Don’t use a compressor, limiter or maximiser on your master output when exporting.

    • Don't dither or normalise the audio.

    When you send any audio for Mixing & Mastering please provide the below:

    • A self mastered or limited version of your track so we get a ball park idea of the track.

    • A reference track you would like it to sound similar to, Doesn't have to be your own.

    We are happy to do a couple at least 2 Free revisions if required, anymore will be an extra fee.

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